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Well it finally arrived.  I knew it would get here before the movie.  For all of us mega Marvel fans out there, The Marvel Collector Corps Ant-Man addition arrives and will hype up any comic fan out there!  A t-shirt, an exclusive POP figure, a couple little figures and some random cool stuff like an Ant-Man comic make this a great box for old fans and new fans waiting for a kick ass movie. I truly believe and hope Ant-Man turns out to be this years Guardians of the Galaxy. It has the potential power to do it and I simply can’t wait for the movie.  Avengers 2 left me hanging a bit….Redemption should be sweet. Nuff said.


“Love the boxes they send this stuff in. Super cool.”



“The POP Ant-Man with no helmet and little version, exclusive to this box only!”

“Un-masked Scott Lang. Cool look, cool figure.”


“A bad guy emerges. Its YellowJacket, nemesis of Ant-Man!”DSC_0454“Love the old mask. Nice to include some retro!”
DSC_0455“These pins are shiny and smooth. I like it a lot.”


“Already received a compliment walking down the street as I wore this!”


“Once again, it all comes down to the comics for starting all this. Not a bad read at all, check it out for sure!”

You made mine Marvel, you made mine.

“I’m Ant-Man.”


If your not familiar with LOOTCRATE, you may not know about a growing business model that may soon creep into your hobbies and interests.  Its a idea that asks the customer some basic questions: Do you love receiving boxes of stuff at home?  Would you love exclusives and unique products in those boxes?  Do you like to take a chance and not actually know what your going to receive, making the suspense of opening the package even greater then before?  If yes to any of these, sign up for our service is what they’ll be asking you!!!!

With my experience subscribing to LOOTCRATE for over six months, I would say take that chance.  Its a great thing to look forward to.  Its a great little nugget of love for a cool $20 or 30 an month.  Its truly worth the experience and I can see why Marvel got in on the game….Why sell you products to these other companies when you can do it yourself!?!  Marvels version is called the MARVEL Collectors Corps and its runs about $32 a month with shipping paid.  You pay more but you get more.  And they do it well.  They do it extremely well.  Tracking and great shipping.  Check.  Outstanding products and that have true coolness.  Check.  A happy Rockerman who can’t wait for 5 more of these this year?  Check!!!!  Make mine Marvel, oh yeah make mine MARVEL!!!


It came super stealthy as well, like S.H.I.E.L.D Agents delivered it!


Total classic style pin….SWEET!


Everyone bought in for the Funko POP! Exclusive Hulkbuster….its super-sick I cannot deny!!!


Ultron patch?!?!…Cool!


“I am mini-Ultron. I have no strings…Which is why I can’t stop smiling!!!”


A box is a box?….I think not my friend I think not


You get one out of four Marvel Corps exclusive designs….Love my Thor!!  *10% poly=comfy!


The only reason we have this Marvel empire….cause of the comics!!! And is a team up with the Guardians of the Galaxy…Sweeeeeet!

If you want to see some video and many more details on whats inside the box, check out my unboxing video!

“Nuff Said”


Last Sunday night I witnessed the most entertaining spectacle I have ever seen.  I heard terms like RKO, F5’s, Powerbombs, and the obvious nod to what this is really all about, the Superman Punch. Chants of YES! YES! YES!  Mr. Money in the Bank.  Return of the Reaper.  Roman Reigns.  What the hell you say?!?!?!

All of these terms and characters are common knowledge among wrestling fans, but if your new to the sport like me you have no clue.  Im of the age of knowing Hulk Hogan, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, Rowdy Roddy Piper, and the Ultimate Warrior. I put in a couple years, had some action figures of these guys as a kid, and that was it for my wrestling interest.  Crazy that almost 30 years later, I can somehow fall in love with this “male soap opera” more then I ever could when I was young. This show is about pure entertainment, and music plays a big part of this show.  A great live performance of “America the Beautiful” by Aloe Blac kicked off the show, followed later by some cool drumming from Travis Barker. But where the music shines most is the wrestlers “intro” for sure.  And for that, hands down the coolest intro of the night goes to a burly Bray Wyatt and his “Swamp of the Living Dead” theme. The personality of each wrestler comes out right away as they “stride/sway” their way out to the ring. This for me is the highlight of the”acting” part of the show.  A good intro riff/song makes it ever sweeter.


These athletes or “wrestlers” displayed the highest level of athleticism and strength, with some good old fashioned showmanship.  Rather then talk about each match, its really about moments.  You yourself need to watch a big wrestling event to see the spectacle. But what I saw was this.  A ladder match with 7 guys finishing with the last two head butting to a finale. A almost 60 year old wrestler named “Sting” throwing down with a pretty bad ass dude known as Triple H.  The Bella Twins.  The Bella Twins.  Sorry but it does need mentioning twice.  A crazy russian dude with an equally crazy russian lady mentor who leads him from the sidelines.  The “Days of our LIves” moment with the Rock and Rousey.  Watching “The Undertaker” is a great live moment to catch as his presence is pretty powerful! A main event with Brock Lesner and an equally impressive Roman Reigns beat each other to hell, just to have some dude named Seth Rollins “cash in his money” and legally partake to win it all.


Wrestlemania 31 was 4 hours of straight surprises and shocks that had me shouting at my tv in disbelief and shock, all while smiling my ass off.  Still a week later….DAMN THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!








“Its Suplex City B*tches!”


It started about a couple years ago as I returned to the world of comics….The five new Marvel comics subscriptions begin to stockpile, after a few months and I knew I would have to give in and buy an “old school” comic box to store the ever growing collection.

My childhood collection is housed in 3 of the “long” comic boxes at my parents house, which I remember being great at the time, but the length made them quite bulky and awkward to handle.  They also look really plain for how much awesomeness is inside.

1-BX-LONG-FOLD_1_LONG-COMIC-BOX---FOLDAs I fix up my home and introduce color everywhere,  that big old white box was not going to work.  My need for a beautiful box was born.  And once I saw the “shorties”, I had the vision.  So here are the first three I made…..Spidey was the first, Zombies came second, and soon I ironed out the kinks and made the third a Wolverine for my brother’s birthday(happy birthday brother) who is a fellow comic fan!

If you would like your own comic box with the character or theme of your choice,  simply email me at for details.  For current listings and updates, pics of past projects and more, check out as well as my ebay listings site for items for sale and more details!  Thank you and…..”Excelsior!”

photo(11) photo(7)zombie2photo(8)photo(9)zombiephoto(2)photo(5)

“Nuff Said”

To each of us let 2014 be the greatest and most self-actualized year we can have…..Love to all!!!

“Its time to Celebrate…”

Winter Wonderland

Can you feel that???  No its just not winter, even though it just got SUPER cold here and everywhere else in the US….its Christmas time, a holiday feeling that is everywhere whether you like it or not!  The greatest thing about the holidays is the music, and I have to say that there is some great Christmas music to enjoy every year. Classics of old and new seem to still amaze and bring a simple joy to me.  As a musician I like doing weird stuff(hence PBS Chinese documentary musical scores, writing for the ballet, solo instrumental music) and a Christmas album was something I had wanted to do for some time.  “A Very Tozzi Christmas” was written and recorded in 2011 and was a joy to make.  It was even given a great little review by the Santa of Christmas music bloggers himself, Stubby!

After completing the music, I was very rushed and didn’t have much time to focus on the first video of “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”, or anything else at that time.  I’ve been craving to make a good one but my holiday timing has was off lately.  With a couple years to reflect, I finally had some good ideas in my head for the video and finally got the whole thing together for my favorite song on the album.  Here’s how the idea came about.

Like most, I have many great memories of the holidays but as I grow older, things still seem to be a nod to the past.  A way we used to do it.  The tradition that used to take place always tops these contemporary ones.  The innocence of youth never to be had again, a feeling that can only be passed on by those of us with child.  And so the idea was born for “Winter Wonderland” to be a nod to my past…..or a past I think I would like to have…..which for me is a “White Xmas” with snow and cold, being young and dumb, and of course having lots of fun!!

Not wanting to share my own family photos or movies for my own artistic and private reasons,  I had to find another source of “Winterland” memories.  At the same time, I was planning on going to Tahoe early this winter and capturing some great scenic snow shots having them be part of the movie….but as winter and snow happened late this year, getting my own footage was not going to happen.  This led to my “Snow Globe shots” that I’m pretty proud of….they came out really soothing like I wanted.  It was my way of getting some falling snow in there somehow!  Getting the old video footage was found using a government web page that has thousands of copyright free and archival footage of many beautiful things from the past.  The scenes I picked are like memories I would like to have…..some cool car of my own as a kid cruising around with my gear on ready to go just somewhere, anywhere….then you have your friends, family, and Christmas gifts everywhere….Is that not what a “Winter Wonderland” is?!?!?!

Remember the reason for the season……Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

“It’s a Winter Wonderland”

It was an amazing Friday night for Golden Vein.

After six months of practice at Lennon Studios, our band was more then ready to unleash our songs to the world….or at least the patrons of the bar and our fans at the super cool spot known as Cafe DuNord!  After the unusual mishap of being the only band to not get a sound check, we took the stage cool and calm with the mission in the back of our heads “Play an awesome first show!”  I’m elated to tell you it was “more then awesome” and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.  As I said to everyone in the days leading up to the show, “You only get one first time…….”





20131025_GoldenVein_CafeDuNord_0255Friends and fans of GV are what its all about-thank you to everyone who came out and rocked with us!!!

For the entire series and more great photos click below!

Patrick Eibl is your go to guy for photos in the Bar Area and worldwide!*Golden Vein has to give a special plug for Patrick for being so awesome with his time and services!!!

“Lets make a run for it, All the way to the top”

Golden Vein
Golden Vein’s debut show happens at historic Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco Friday Oct 25th……..ON THIS ELECTRIFYING NIGHT, WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU THERE!!!!

Black Golden Vein Show Oct 25th


Golden Vein Group

“I’m on the peak, I’m on the peak, I’m on the peak with you tonight”


What the hell was I thinking back then in the good old 90’s?!?!?!  I was in high school and college during this great transformation of rock music that many forget about now.  “Alternative” and “Grunge” were new labels then,  and I was a true believer in anything from Seattle and this new music movement.  Bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam led the pack on the radio and MTV, but us cool kids rocked Alice and Chains and Soundgarden just as much.  You knew about Mother Love Bone and the tribute that followed in Temple of the Dog.  But one band and album that slipped by my ears unfortunately until now is the one and only self titled album Blind Melon.

This album is a monster of goodness.  Back in the day it was overshadowed by the lead singers death, and was tied to the one huge hit song it had “No Rain“.  I remember even buying this album but couldn’t understand or get its vibe.  I honestly think I wanted everyone to be this Nirvana/Pearl Jam thing, even though I loved classic rock and had an appreciation for different music….I think I must have been thinking “Your a new band, sound like everyone else and if you sound classic I don’t like you…..Hendrix does it better then you so don’t do that”…..I’m trying to examine my own actions years later and still,  no clue.

“Soak the Sin” starts the album with a nice twangy riff with Zepplin like shifts that make this a good roller coaster of ups and downs. The mix puts rhythm guitars panned left and leads right,  making the jam in this song super sweeeeeet sounding.  In fact much of this good sounding mix is heard throughout….Great production and sound on this album.  Second song “Tones of Home” highlights lead singer Joe Smiths unique voice and vocal style over a very pop rock progression, but again has a loose Zepplin feel. Little solos in and out very cool interplay from the guitarists keeps the momentum up and make this song a unique treat.  “I Wonder” starts with a slow piece, but after a minute turns it up.  Twang but its not country.  Its such a cool sound.  Then it goes into Grateful Dead territory….and back out again….WHO DOES THAT?!  Cool solo at the end and of course, and I’m loving this.

“Paper Scratcher” continues Blind Melon’s style of cool twang with guitar solos panned left and right, but forget all that and seriously, just listen to Joe Smiths voice!!!  How smooth and good does he sound?!  Amazing!  “Dear Ol’ Dad” is a funky kind of rocker that is the first song to change up the style.  They get funked up and Joe Smiths vocal melodies are sweet.  Add an acoustic guitar for a weird little solo and its back to the funk to the end.  “Change” continues with an acoustic guitar playing a little campfire intro,  heading into a swamp boogie including some cool dirty slide guitar and some more sweet solos!  Short but sweet solos=perfection.  Having such a unique sound as a band=Priceless.

The big hit “No Rain” comes in half-way through the album as the seventh song, and is a pretty unique sound.  You either like it or don’t.  “Deserted” shows Joe Smith changing his voice up even more and this is like an early Maroon 5 jam.  These guys can funk/rock/twang it up so good.  SO sick.  Its no wonder then the next song “Sleepyhouse” sounds like a Black Crows jammer.  Its super chill and continues this overall cool vibe of the album that is heard throughout.  “Holyman” starts to reveal almost every Blind Melon song starts with a one minute intro that misleads you to where its really heading!  The song keeps the good vibes up for sure, but this and the next song “Seed to a Tree” are the least desirable on the album compared to the other fantastic songs on the album.

“Drive” and “Time” both have that end of album, slow it down a little  experimental feel to them.  Great way to finish up this cool album that keeps up almost an hour of great music.  Fans of the 90’s probably already have this, so its more of a reminder for them to check out Blind Melon again and for newbies its a definite must have!  If your like me and happen to be both a music lover and a musician, this album will blow you away on its unique, yet hard rocking and soulful sound.  A sound that’s like no one else.  And when your a musician, that’s the best compliment you can get.  Much love to Blind Melon, much love.

“All I can say Is that my life is pretty plain”

A beautiful morning here in San Francisco on this Feb 2nd 2013…..

Posted in inverse order, this last photo in the series is my favorite.  No photoshop or any edits to all photos, just that beautiful sun.


Shot a little lower, I love the pink and big purple flowers in the lower left….


Between this and the first pic posted, this is my favorite as well.  Love the kinda dark look as light just starts to pop.


Here comes the sun…..


……And I say its all right.


A colorful little bird…..


…….just chillin.


Our Pyramid of SF……


The purps with no sun yet…….

DSC_0317Its cold out on this beautiful Superbowl Sunday morning with no sun….Lets go 49er’s!!!


“When I come home to you, San Francisco, your golden sun will shine for me”