Well it finally arrived.  I knew it would get here before the movie.  For all of us mega Marvel fans out there, The Marvel Collector Corps Ant-Man addition arrives and will hype up any comic fan out there!  A t-shirt, an exclusive POP figure, a couple little figures and some random cool stuff like an Ant-Man comic make this a great box for old fans and new fans waiting for a kick ass movie. I truly believe and hope Ant-Man turns out to be this years Guardians of the Galaxy. It has the potential power to do it and I simply can’t wait for the movie.  Avengers 2 left me hanging a bit….Redemption should be sweet. Nuff said.


“Love the boxes they send this stuff in. Super cool.”



“The POP Ant-Man with no helmet and little version, exclusive to this box only!”

“Un-masked Scott Lang. Cool look, cool figure.”


“A bad guy emerges. Its YellowJacket, nemesis of Ant-Man!”DSC_0454“Love the old mask. Nice to include some retro!”
DSC_0455“These pins are shiny and smooth. I like it a lot.”


“Already received a compliment walking down the street as I wore this!”


“Once again, it all comes down to the comics for starting all this. Not a bad read at all, check it out for sure!”

You made mine Marvel, you made mine.

“I’m Ant-Man.”