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Well it finally arrived.  I knew it would get here before the movie.  For all of us mega Marvel fans out there, The Marvel Collector Corps Ant-Man addition arrives and will hype up any comic fan out there!  A t-shirt, an exclusive POP figure, a couple little figures and some random cool stuff like an Ant-Man comic make this a great box for old fans and new fans waiting for a kick ass movie. I truly believe and hope Ant-Man turns out to be this years Guardians of the Galaxy. It has the potential power to do it and I simply can’t wait for the movie.  Avengers 2 left me hanging a bit….Redemption should be sweet. Nuff said.


“Love the boxes they send this stuff in. Super cool.”



“The POP Ant-Man with no helmet and little version, exclusive to this box only!”

“Un-masked Scott Lang. Cool look, cool figure.”


“A bad guy emerges. Its YellowJacket, nemesis of Ant-Man!”DSC_0454“Love the old mask. Nice to include some retro!”
DSC_0455“These pins are shiny and smooth. I like it a lot.”


“Already received a compliment walking down the street as I wore this!”


“Once again, it all comes down to the comics for starting all this. Not a bad read at all, check it out for sure!”

You made mine Marvel, you made mine.

“I’m Ant-Man.”


If your not familiar with LOOTCRATE, you may not know about a growing business model that may soon creep into your hobbies and interests.  Its a idea that asks the customer some basic questions: Do you love receiving boxes of stuff at home?  Would you love exclusives and unique products in those boxes?  Do you like to take a chance and not actually know what your going to receive, making the suspense of opening the package even greater then before?  If yes to any of these, sign up for our service is what they’ll be asking you!!!!

With my experience subscribing to LOOTCRATE for over six months, I would say take that chance.  Its a great thing to look forward to.  Its a great little nugget of love for a cool $20 or 30 an month.  Its truly worth the experience and I can see why Marvel got in on the game….Why sell you products to these other companies when you can do it yourself!?!  Marvels version is called the MARVEL Collectors Corps and its runs about $32 a month with shipping paid.  You pay more but you get more.  And they do it well.  They do it extremely well.  Tracking and great shipping.  Check.  Outstanding products and that have true coolness.  Check.  A happy Rockerman who can’t wait for 5 more of these this year?  Check!!!!  Make mine Marvel, oh yeah make mine MARVEL!!!


It came super stealthy as well, like S.H.I.E.L.D Agents delivered it!


Total classic style pin….SWEET!


Everyone bought in for the Funko POP! Exclusive Hulkbuster….its super-sick I cannot deny!!!


Ultron patch?!?!…Cool!


“I am mini-Ultron. I have no strings…Which is why I can’t stop smiling!!!”


A box is a box?….I think not my friend I think not


You get one out of four Marvel Corps exclusive designs….Love my Thor!!  *10% poly=comfy!


The only reason we have this Marvel empire….cause of the comics!!! And is a team up with the Guardians of the Galaxy…Sweeeeeet!

If you want to see some video and many more details on whats inside the box, check out my unboxing video!

“Nuff Said”