It started about a couple years ago as I returned to the world of comics….The five new Marvel comics subscriptions begin to stockpile, after a few months and I knew I would have to give in and buy an “old school” comic box to store the ever growing collection.

My childhood collection is housed in 3 of the “long” comic boxes at my parents house, which I remember being great at the time, but the length made them quite bulky and awkward to handle.  They also look really plain for how much awesomeness is inside.

1-BX-LONG-FOLD_1_LONG-COMIC-BOX---FOLDAs I fix up my home and introduce color everywhere,  that big old white box was not going to work.  My need for a beautiful box was born.  And once I saw the “shorties”, I had the vision.  So here are the first three I made…..Spidey was the first, Zombies came second, and soon I ironed out the kinks and made the third a Wolverine for my brother’s birthday(happy birthday brother) who is a fellow comic fan!

If you would like your own comic box with the character or theme of your choice,  simply email me at for details.  For current listings and updates, pics of past projects and more, check out as well as my ebay listings site for items for sale and more details!  Thank you and…..”Excelsior!”

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