Last Sunday night I witnessed the most entertaining spectacle I have ever seen.  I heard terms like RKO, F5’s, Powerbombs, and the obvious nod to what this is really all about, the Superman Punch. Chants of YES! YES! YES!  Mr. Money in the Bank.  Return of the Reaper.  Roman Reigns.  What the hell you say?!?!?!

All of these terms and characters are common knowledge among wrestling fans, but if your new to the sport like me you have no clue.  Im of the age of knowing Hulk Hogan, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, Rowdy Roddy Piper, and the Ultimate Warrior. I put in a couple years, had some action figures of these guys as a kid, and that was it for my wrestling interest.  Crazy that almost 30 years later, I can somehow fall in love with this “male soap opera” more then I ever could when I was young. This show is about pure entertainment, and music plays a big part of this show.  A great live performance of “America the Beautiful” by Aloe Blac kicked off the show, followed later by some cool drumming from Travis Barker. But where the music shines most is the wrestlers “intro” for sure.  And for that, hands down the coolest intro of the night goes to a burly Bray Wyatt and his “Swamp of the Living Dead” theme. The personality of each wrestler comes out right away as they “stride/sway” their way out to the ring. This for me is the highlight of the”acting” part of the show.  A good intro riff/song makes it ever sweeter.


These athletes or “wrestlers” displayed the highest level of athleticism and strength, with some good old fashioned showmanship.  Rather then talk about each match, its really about moments.  You yourself need to watch a big wrestling event to see the spectacle. But what I saw was this.  A ladder match with 7 guys finishing with the last two head butting to a finale. A almost 60 year old wrestler named “Sting” throwing down with a pretty bad ass dude known as Triple H.  The Bella Twins.  The Bella Twins.  Sorry but it does need mentioning twice.  A crazy russian dude with an equally crazy russian lady mentor who leads him from the sidelines.  The “Days of our LIves” moment with the Rock and Rousey.  Watching “The Undertaker” is a great live moment to catch as his presence is pretty powerful! A main event with Brock Lesner and an equally impressive Roman Reigns beat each other to hell, just to have some dude named Seth Rollins “cash in his money” and legally partake to win it all.


Wrestlemania 31 was 4 hours of straight surprises and shocks that had me shouting at my tv in disbelief and shock, all while smiling my ass off.  Still a week later….DAMN THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!








“Its Suplex City B*tches!”