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To each of us let 2014 be the greatest and most self-actualized year we can have…..Love to all!!!

“Its time to Celebrate…”


Winter Wonderland

Can you feel that???  No its just not winter, even though it just got SUPER cold here and everywhere else in the US….its Christmas time, a holiday feeling that is everywhere whether you like it or not!  The greatest thing about the holidays is the music, and I have to say that there is some great Christmas music to enjoy every year. Classics of old and new seem to still amaze and bring a simple joy to me.  As a musician I like doing weird stuff(hence PBS Chinese documentary musical scores, writing for the ballet, solo instrumental music) and a Christmas album was something I had wanted to do for some time.  “A Very Tozzi Christmas” was written and recorded in 2011 and was a joy to make.  It was even given a great little review by the Santa of Christmas music bloggers himself, Stubby!

After completing the music, I was very rushed and didn’t have much time to focus on the first video of “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”, or anything else at that time.  I’ve been craving to make a good one but my holiday timing has was off lately.  With a couple years to reflect, I finally had some good ideas in my head for the video and finally got the whole thing together for my favorite song on the album.  Here’s how the idea came about.

Like most, I have many great memories of the holidays but as I grow older, things still seem to be a nod to the past.  A way we used to do it.  The tradition that used to take place always tops these contemporary ones.  The innocence of youth never to be had again, a feeling that can only be passed on by those of us with child.  And so the idea was born for “Winter Wonderland” to be a nod to my past…..or a past I think I would like to have…..which for me is a “White Xmas” with snow and cold, being young and dumb, and of course having lots of fun!!

Not wanting to share my own family photos or movies for my own artistic and private reasons,  I had to find another source of “Winterland” memories.  At the same time, I was planning on going to Tahoe early this winter and capturing some great scenic snow shots having them be part of the movie….but as winter and snow happened late this year, getting my own footage was not going to happen.  This led to my “Snow Globe shots” that I’m pretty proud of….they came out really soothing like I wanted.  It was my way of getting some falling snow in there somehow!  Getting the old video footage was found using a government web page that has thousands of copyright free and archival footage of many beautiful things from the past.  The scenes I picked are like memories I would like to have…..some cool car of my own as a kid cruising around with my gear on ready to go just somewhere, anywhere….then you have your friends, family, and Christmas gifts everywhere….Is that not what a “Winter Wonderland” is?!?!?!

Remember the reason for the season……Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

“It’s a Winter Wonderland”