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To each of us let 2014 be the greatest and most self-actualized year we can have…..Love to all!!!

“Its time to Celebrate…”


It was an amazing Friday night for Golden Vein.

After six months of practice at Lennon Studios, our band was more then ready to unleash our songs to the world….or at least the patrons of the bar and our fans at the super cool spot known as Cafe DuNord!  After the unusual mishap of being the only band to not get a sound check, we took the stage cool and calm with the mission in the back of our heads “Play an awesome first show!”  I’m elated to tell you it was “more then awesome” and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.  As I said to everyone in the days leading up to the show, “You only get one first time…….”





20131025_GoldenVein_CafeDuNord_0255Friends and fans of GV are what its all about-thank you to everyone who came out and rocked with us!!!

For the entire series and more great photos click below!


Patrick Eibl is your go to guy for photos in the Bar Area and worldwide!*Golden Vein has to give a special plug for Patrick for being so awesome with his time and services!!!


“Lets make a run for it, All the way to the top”


Inspiration.  Where does it come from and what does it really mean?!?  Well obviously its going to be very different for everyone, but I thought I’d share where inspiration sometimes starts with me.  In this musical moment, I’m on a high after meeting and seeing Paul Gilbert perform at Guitar Center in San Francisco a few months back.  If you didn’t know, Paul Gilbert is a highly accomplished guitar player that has been on the music scene since the early eighties.  His blistering guitar work with Racer X gave him his “shred” status as a guitarist,  and soon after led him to start and  join one of the most successful 80’s bands Mr Big.  Gilbert still performs with Mr Big as well as being a solo artist, and recently has started a online music school.  All of these accomplishments are great, but the most inspiring thing about Paul Gilbert is his amazing attitude and demeanor.  The guy is just the nicest and coolest musician you could meet.   That’s just the icing on the cake for the inspiration.

The real inspiration for me took place during his 2 hour performance and clinic.  It was a perfect mix of Paul performing songs live and answering questions from the audience about music and his career.  One of the first things we all saw, was that Paul was not joined by professional musicians in his band, but by the guys who work at the local SF Guitar Center….how bad ass is that!  The drummer and 2 different bass players that rotated got to have a once in a lifetime  jam with Paul Gilbert….What a cool and   professional musician that has no pretensions about playing with new musicians he just met for a performance of his own…..Inspirational.

Now as Mr Gilbert went into his performance, some interesting things happened.  Most people were there thinking he would perform all his “shred” stuff,  which they assumed wrong!  He did the opposite.  Almost every song had lyrics, and whether it was classic rock or Steely Dan, the lesson here was about feel.  It was about being a complete musician.  To point out the mentality of the audience, they started laughing as Paul went into his Steely Dan song.  All the little minds were thinking “This guy is supposed to shred not play slow stuff and sing” and I was quite the opposite.  He was showing what its like to be a complete musician, doing what inspires him, and trying to get all the guitar players that sit at home and go “look at me” to think about what playing guitar and music really means.  Instrumental guitar player that performs Beatles and Steely Dan songs during his guitar clinic…..Inspirational.

For me, this inspiration started a flood of new music and creations.  As I write this, my debut album “Olympus Rising” is getting the art work/legal stuff  finished up and will be out soon at the beginning 2013.  I can’t wait to release it as its taken many years to get that up and out, but already I’m amazed to say I have 2 more albums almost completed.  I’m working on a new genre of music.  I’m working on the coolest stuff.  And its getting done nicely.  And since I found someone to mix the new albums, I’ll be able to focus on music and less on production stuff which suits me much better.   So the last few months have been super great from my artist’s point of view.  Sometimes its as simple as seeing a movie, a song, or hearing a phrase.   This time it was a once in a lifetime experience that gave me some MAJOR inspiration.  Thank you Paul Gilbert. You truly are……Inspirational.


Here come those Santa Ana winds again”

The 1st album to be discovered in “The Amoeba Files” is Lenny Kravitz’s Circus.  His 4th album released in 1995 was one of and still is,  one of my favorite cds to this day.  In my first years of college that thing got some major play and somehow after 15 years, it went missing!  After another infamous trip to Amoeba Music here in San Francisco,  I’m glad to say its back in my collection as I’m rediscovering the best Lenny Kravitz album ever.  Let me tell you why.

The album starts with the released single “Rock and Roll is Dead” which was a statement on the music scene at the time.  Its a decent rock song which really jams a couple minutes in.  Because it was one of the first riffs I learned on guitar,  I have some love for the song.  Sadly next, the only misstep occurs on the album.  The second song “Circus” kills the flow by being way too slow and a little mundane. A decent song, but my least favorite on the record.

Now this is the best part.  You could start the cd here as these four songs go soooo well together.  There’s something about albums that have great songs that just flow throughout.  That magic.  Starting with the cool rocker “Beyond the 7th Sky”, this is probably one of my favorite songs of Kravitz..  A sludgy head-shaker, this is a truly awesome song.  “Tunnel Vision” keeps the pace up with a James Brown funk thing with some super sweet guitar playing in the leads and rhythms.  “Can’t Get You Off My Mind” is simply his best ballad and a great song to chill and reflect.  “Magdalene” keeps this cool vibe going playing as it twists and turns in this in-between rocker/acoustic piece.  Something almost timeless about these songs for me as I reflect and write this.  Good stuff.

The album slows down with “God is Love” which is a good song, but a little too slow and 2nd least favorite song here.

Circus gets back on track with the good vibes and wah wah guitar on “Thin Ice”.  “Don’t Go and Put a Bullet In Your Head” slows its down again, but the beat is so chill and listenable.  “In My Life Today” is another great chill song that has some great lyrics and instrumentation.  From suicide to love, Lenny makes these transitions in content almost unnoticed.   Some dramatic horns close the album with “The Resurrection” which like a few other songs, express Lenny’s faith in God and his message of love.  Some great stuff indeed, in fact in my opinion…his best.  Go back in your collection and spin Circus again, it wont disappoint.

       “I’m old enough to see behind me, but young enough to feel my soul”

Recently I’ve found a few really good excuses for myself to buy lots of music.  As a musician and guitar player, I always need to work on some cover songs and need the source material.  Also as a TRX fitness instructor, I like to play music in class and need to change it up all the time.  And really, I just love music old and new!  My collection has always been a source of joy, and adding to it is nothing but good times and inspiration waiting to happen for my guitar playing and life!  Downloading is fine when there is no other option, but I’m still into that collectable thing and love getting my cds!  Album info, pics and lyrics, and just having a copy better then mp3 form is enough for me not to change!

When I make one of these music buying trips, its usually to Amoeba Music here in San Francisco.  Amoeba Music has been one of the reasons I’ve stayed in San Francisco since I came here to go to SF State in 1999.  I love walking in and never knowing what I will leave with…but I always leave with something!  When I first shopped here, I was into LP’s and vinyl records and of course have always been a buyer of cds.  Recently I go to the bargain bin of cds and go crazy.  I get some stuff I was afraid to try, or just something I may have never given a chance in the first place.  Soundtracks are something I’ve always been into and always pick up a few of those as well.  I have a few artists I search specifically and return a happy man with new music from all over the spectrum.

Now I wish to share the best and most inspirational music I find with you!  It might be an old classic I discover, something new to my heart…..whatever may come you’ll get the stuff close to my heart!   Please enjoy “The Amoeba Files!!!”

 “One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain”