Recently I’ve found a few really good excuses for myself to buy lots of music.  As a musician and guitar player, I always need to work on some cover songs and need the source material.  Also as a TRX fitness instructor, I like to play music in class and need to change it up all the time.  And really, I just love music old and new!  My collection has always been a source of joy, and adding to it is nothing but good times and inspiration waiting to happen for my guitar playing and life!  Downloading is fine when there is no other option, but I’m still into that collectable thing and love getting my cds!  Album info, pics and lyrics, and just having a copy better then mp3 form is enough for me not to change!

When I make one of these music buying trips, its usually to Amoeba Music here in San Francisco.  Amoeba Music has been one of the reasons I’ve stayed in San Francisco since I came here to go to SF State in 1999.  I love walking in and never knowing what I will leave with…but I always leave with something!  When I first shopped here, I was into LP’s and vinyl records and of course have always been a buyer of cds.  Recently I go to the bargain bin of cds and go crazy.  I get some stuff I was afraid to try, or just something I may have never given a chance in the first place.  Soundtracks are something I’ve always been into and always pick up a few of those as well.  I have a few artists I search specifically and return a happy man with new music from all over the spectrum.

Now I wish to share the best and most inspirational music I find with you!  It might be an old classic I discover, something new to my heart…..whatever may come you’ll get the stuff close to my heart!   Please enjoy “The Amoeba Files!!!”

 “One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain”